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Welcome to the Ebreichsdorf cutlery
Forging, grinding, polishing, repairing, restoring.
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Schmieden, Schleifen, Polieren, Reparieren, Restaurieren, Sonderanfertigungen.

Martin Nagy Messerschmiede Ebreichsdorf
Messerschmiede Ebreichsdorf
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Martin Nagy

Mein Slogan : Nachhaltig schärfer und besser als neu 

Messerschmiede Ebreichsdorf

Ich biete professionelle Arbeit, Qualität und Service mit langer Erfahrung beim schärfen und schleifen auch teuerster Schneidwaren bzw. allem was eine Schneide hat. Geschmiedete Messer u. Schmiedekurse, Schmiede,- Schnupperstunden, Schleifdienst, Mobiler Schleifdienst Ebreichsdorf. Frisörscheren, Effilierscheren, Scheren schleifen, Messer schleifen, Werkzeuge aller Art wie auch Gartenwerkzeuge schleifen, 

My slogan

! Sustainably better than new!


  4 words and 5 meanings!

  1. Sustainably better:   My products last longer than industrial goods.

  2. Consistent:   No plastic, only natural raw materials or resins

  3. Consistent:   In the grinding service and repair, raw materials and energy are saved, the environment  spared.

  4. Better than new:   When blades are sharpened, polished and / or reworked by my hands, they have been shown to cut better than new.

  5. Better than new:   Nothing new has to be produced, blast furnaces, steel, energy, exhaust gases.


That is guaranteed and true. Gastronomy,  Craftsmen, textiles and printing companies are among my satisfied customers.

My vision as a cutler:  

I sit down  to the goal,  unique products too

draft, design and forge. Forging with fire, anvil and hammer.

My blades almost always have a hint of  Extravagance. Of course I also make those with clear structured scales, but still fascinating  I've always been special.

My vision is that this kind of edged weapon, knife or cutting tool in maybe  200 - 300 years ago as an heirloom in function and or as a rarity to be looked at somewhere and held in honor of their kind.

With the age-old technology of my work, I would like to set a sign of deceleration in these fast-moving times.

As the saying goes: good things take time.


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